Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you specialize in?
Circle of Support specializes in maximizing the independence, self-sufficiency, and well-being of individuals with developmental disabilities.

What services do you provide?
Our professionally trained staff teach a variety of skills to the children and adults we serve. We work to obtain all eligible benefits that our children and adults qualify for. Our services also encompass consultation from the following professionals: psychologists, Applied Behavior Analysis therapists, and registered nurses.

What age is your typical customer?

How can children/adults in Illinois qualify to receive services?
Please contact a PAS (Pre-Admission Screening) Agency. The following are located around Chicago:

Does Circle of Support offer day training programs?

Do you assist in applying for the Medicaid card, SNAP, or Social Security Benefits?
Yes, we assist customers in applying for Medicaid benefits, Social Security, SNAP (Link Card), and other benefits they may be eligible for.

Do you pay for recreational benefits?
No, we do not pay for recreational benefits.

Do you participate in Individual Educational Plans (IEP)?
Yes, we are involved when a parent invites us to attend his/her child’s IEP meeting.